"Great tips, quality equipment and I was totally made to feel relaxed & confident immediately. Great jammin’ sesh!" 

- AJ Odudu Blogger, TV Presenter and now SUPERFOXX DJ!

Our courses have been designed by some of the industries leading professional talent and are taught at a state of the art music studio in the heart of vibrant Dalston, East London. Sign up for one-on-one sessions, join a group course and get to know some other musically-minded SUPERFOXX's!

Each course will be tailored to your experience as you are guided through all things technical, cuing and beat matching, organising and selecting your tunes, pro mixing tips and importantly - working that crowd!

Graduating from the SUPERFOXX DJ Academy will give you a head start on building your DJ career, develop your knowledge and confidence, and will take your performance skills to the next level. You will receive ongoing support and have access to DJ opportunities all year round through the SUPERFOXX community. We have also developed sessions for up and coming DJs who are ready to launch into the professional arena. You could join the SUPERFOXX DJ roster as we present the world's finest female DJs at our SUPERFOXX live shows, international private parties and festival stages. You will be taught on Pioneer's industry standard players and mixer. We can also include, on request; vinyl, controllers, Serato or Traktor. 

We have three courses to choose from, which all cover these core topics:

  • Analysing tempo, energy and musicality of tracks
  • Cuing, beat matching and phrasing
  • Managing bass and EQ mixing techniques
  • Alternative mixing techniques (drop, blending, FX)
  • Using hot cues, memory markers and loops
  • In depth look at applying FX
  • Performance techniques and managing energy of the room
  • Developing creative ideas & practice techniques
  • Recording mixes and analysing progress
  • History and development of DJing
  • The role and responsibilities of the DJ
  • The principals of working with sound 
  • Researching and analysing music
  • Programming and selecting your music
  • Overview of DJ equipment & related software
  • In-depth overview of Rekordbox music management software, including reading waveforms and a first look at phrasing.


Our entry level course, taught in small groups is designed to give you a thorough taste of what it takes to become a DJ. You'll cover the core topics in an informative day session. You could book with your friends as an experience day, or use the session to try out DJing and see if you want to move onto a 1-2-1 course (with discount). You'll end your session with a wealth of new knowledge and technical skills, and hopefully the mixing bug! You'll be added to the Superfoxx community where you can keep up to date with all things DJing. You don't need any experience or equipment - just love your tunes.



Our pro course is designed to launch your new DJ career and achieve paid bookings. We'll be there every step of the way as you learn each topic in-depth and develop your technical and performance skills, cultivating your DJ style and becoming a new voice on the scene. In addition to learning about bookings and guest mixes, The Superstar DJ course includes a DJ photoshoot, introduction to Ableton for creating edits of your favourite tracks, an extensive step by step process in developing your identity and unique sound, access to the SUPERFOXX community and a fast-track to playing at our SUPERFOXX gigs all over the world, OFFICIALLY joining our DJ roster!

12 WEEK COURSE £1110


From your bedroom to the DJ booth the goal is to play out to your friends or book your first warm up gig in a club. You'll cover the core topics and be encouraged to practice between sessions, with homework assigned each week. In addition we include an introduction to marketing yourself as a DJ, pointers on negotiating bookings and taking yourself on the road including troubleshooting, radio guest mixes and networking. We can advise on which DJ equipment will suit your budget and you'll have access to the SUPERFOXX community, gig opportunities and ongoing technical support.



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